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Mental Health and Wellness

  • Students are welcome to request appointments to get help with academic, college/ career, and personal/social issues or questions.
  • We are always available when students are in crisis, are having a panic attack, or need mental health support.
  • We run a year-round Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills group. DBT skills are helpful for all teenagers and even more so for those who struggle with depression, anxiety, self-injury and suicidal ideation. 
    For more information on DBT click here
  • We run one or two rounds of 8-week grief groups each year in collaboration with Ele’s Place. 
    For more information about Ele's Place click here
  • We have started a partnership with the University of Michigan Depression Center to run two rounds of 8-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) groups. These groups are targeted to teens who suffer from depression, anxiety, or both. 
    For more information about CBT click here
  • Part of the U-M Depression Center partnership is devoted to promoting mental health awareness in the school, involving students to spread the message.
  • We run a Project Success group in partnership with the Project Success Counselor from St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea. This group promotes healthy habits and choices. 
    For more information about Project Success click here
  • The Project Success counselor goes to the freshman fitness classrooms to teach about substance use prevention.
  • We go to classrooms in grades 9-12 to teach breathing techniques, relaxation, and mindfulness.
  • We are involved in the “Why You Matter” initiative which promotes mental health awareness and peer-to-peer connections. This initiative involves student-led art projects, inspiring “TED-type Talks”, and community building in our school. It began at Chelsea High School in the school year 2016/2017 and has been replicated across the United States and the world. (
  • We run an extracurricular club called “SAGA” (sexuality and gender acceptance) where students of all types, including allies, meet to talk about issues of importance, mental health, bullying, and outreach in the school.

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please reach out to one of the counselors.