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Student Vehicle Registration

2023-24 CHS Student Vehicle Registration

We are excited to announce that there will be NO CHARGE for a parking permit this year. You will now register once for your parking pass and it will be good for as long as you are a student at CHS.  If you registered last year, you will need to register this year but this will be the final time you will need to do so!  Also, please see the important information below to avoid being fined during the school year!

All students must register their vehicles. Permits will be issued free of charge and students may register TWO vehicles.  Students must complete a vehicle registration form to receive the permit. Permits may be transferred to other family vehicles. All vehicles that the student drives must be registered and parking passes must be properly displayed at all times while on campus. Replacement permits or additional permits beyond TWO will cost $5.  Failure to register your vehicle by the end of the second week of the school year will result in a ticket/fine being issued moving forward and a meeting with a school administrator. Parking checks by school officials will begin the third week of school.

**If you turn 16 during the school year, you must register your vehicle and obtain a parking permit PRIOR to parking in the student lot.

**FINALLY, make sure your parking sticker is placed in the correct spot on your vehicle in order to avoid a fine.  See the image below for instructions on where to place the sticker. 

Diagram showing a vehicle sticker on a lower passenger side window.

Register your vehicle(s) for the 2023-24 school year!